Implement value enhanced strategies to drive increased customer traffic as well as assure maximum revenues and client retention

Development of Strategic Business Plans

HPS has experienced professionals that know how to create a realistic and workable strategic business plan. Our experience includes the creation of:

  • Individual hotel business plans
  • Designated market business plans
  • Specifically, targeted client business plans
  • Hospitality related business plans
  • Non-Hospitality Related business plans
The basic structure may be the same but what makes an HPS Business Plan different is the level of creativity and highly focussed content that drills down to the core values a business must focus on to succeed! Let us help your hotel or business get started on a plan for enhanced revenues and profitability!

Sales Blitz to Top Feeder Markets

  • Provide a full schedule of pre-qualified appointments in a designated city(s), including 5-8 appointments per day for each of the sales teams participating. We recommend Tuesday through Thursday as the most optimal appointment days. Or that Monday appointments do not start until after noon and Friday Appointments do not go past 2:30pm.
  • Introduce hotels/destinations, etc., as well as “highlight” each of the participating properties for the purpose of establishing product and destination awareness.
  • Generate business opportunities (for those organizations that are unable to schedule an appointment during the appointment time frame].
  • Build a centralized databasefor each of the participating properties for future use.




“Back Yard Business Builder” (strategic partner SDR)

  • A data build and lead generation program This program will consist of database research and the building of your hotel’s top 200-250 key demand generators and top employers in your local and surrounding markets.
  • From these efforts, an average of 15-25 solid leads with a 5-10% lead conversion rate will occur.
  • Upon the conclusion of this project, theentire database created will be provided to the hotel for further lead development by your sales team.



Trade Show Representation / Follow Up Services

(strategic partner SDR)

  • We will follow up on all client contacts obtained at these events and qualify their business for your hotel.
  • We will provide with a summary analysis of each event, our assessment of its overall ROI and recommendations for future participation.
  • NOTE: As an added service, HPS will provide a representative to actually work the tradeshow on your behalf of your hotel at selected Trade Show and Client Marketing Events at an added cost.



“Virtual Sales Representative” (strategic partner SDR)

  • Let us represent your hotel in top feeder markets as a virtual sales representative. Someone to qualify leads and potential accounts that your onsite sales team can then follow up and confirm
  • Extend your sales office to multiple marketswithout the need to hire and place permanent sales representatives in these markets
  • A focussed data build and lead generation program within a defined targeted market.
  • This program can be defined for a specific time period or maintained on a monthly service plan.



The Art of Hotel Telephone Sales (strategic partner SDR)

  • Teach your sales and catering team how to question and probe effectively, identify multiple sales contacts within an organization, uncover the needs of the client and sell effectively to these needs.
  • Learn how to follow up on these leads with visually effective and targeted written and online correspondence.
  • Learn effective trace and follow up telephone techniques.
  • Increase sales conversions and achieve sales objectives more quickly



Coordinate Cluster eBlasts / Direct Mail

  • This service will be offered either through a strategic partner of HPS or through that particular hotel or group of hotels brand affiliation.
  • The eBlasts will typically target past guests as well as potential guests from top feeder markets.
  • To promote group / small meeting business, the single compelling message for some or all eBlasts will be to promote the cluster destination website described above.
  • For eBlasts utilizing Brand operated eBlast marketing services, these will be conditional on the brand’s approval of these eBlasts on the dates desired and recognizing that the defined cluster of hotels meets the required eBlast criteria.




Print Sales Reference Collateral Tools

  • This piece will be ideal to hand out during Sales FAM Tour or Sales Blitz and also be sent to all HSW offices throughout the U.S.
  • This brochure is a keeper piece designed as a quick reference informational tool for regional sales representatives, CVB sales staff, etc.
  • It is designed to help sales representatives better understand the strength of the hotels and brands within their respective markets.
  • Each hotel’s sales team will find this collateral piece ideal to present to BTS accounts who are often seeking multiple price points for their travellers, as well as group prospects.




A process of equipping managers and supervisors with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to develop themselves and become more effective.

Event Planning / Conference Coordination

HPS Founder, Stanton Jacobs has been involved in the coordination of numerous nationwide conferences, regional workshops and orientation programs for Hilton Worldwide. This has included the coordination of all logistical aspects of these functions and the development of the content and format of these functions to the targeted audiences. This expertise combined with strategic partnerships with proven meeting planner services allow us to provide you the following:

  • Content and Program Development
  • Logistical Coordination
  • Transportation Facilitation (Ground & Air)
  • Housing and Registration
  • Confirmation of Speakers and Entertainment
  • Post Convention Survey
The basic structure may be the same but what makes an HPS Business Plan different is the level of creativity and highly focussed content that drills down to the core values a business must focus on to succeed! Let us help your hotel or business get started on a plan for enhanced revenues and profitability!

FAM Tours for Brand Sales Teams

  • HPS will coordinate a Brand Sales Team FAM or Educational Visit to familiarize these individuals with your hotel or cluster of hotels.
  • HPS will coordinate all activities related to this event including:
    • FAM Attendee travel arrangements
    • Creation of the agenda, recommended speakers and guidance on presentation content
    • Confirm all meeting and entertainment venues.
  • HPS will provide a personal representative on site during this event
  • HPS will provide a written follow up summary of entire event




Meeting Planner FAM Tours (Strategic Partner SDR)

  • HPS will identify meeting planners either within your local or top feeder market
  • HPS will qualify and invite meeting planner to attend scheduled FAM Event
  • HPS will coordinate all activities including:
    • Transportation of meeting planners
    • Confirm accommodations
    • Create the agenda, schedule entertainment venues, speakers and presentation content.
  • HPS will provide a written follow up summary of entire event



Meeting Planner Excellence Program™

The H.P.S.M.P. Excellence Program. Is a sales tool for the hotel. It provides a unique method for positioning you as the expert source of information and developing a close bond between a potential client and your staff.

This program is an intensive training program designed to acquaint your customers with the basic operations of a hotel. We are also confident that this program will enable the customer to do their job better, thereby enhancing their career. It is also designed to develop a business partnership with your customers and secure a long-term commitment of business. It also establishes you as the expert in this field and the source of both information and facilities.



The process of evaluating and positing your business to assure optimal revenues and profitability

Interim / Short-Term Management


  • HPS can supply your business with highly training and experienced hospitality professionals to assist during transition periods within your organization.
  • Ideal opportunities to utilize this service would include:
    • During Pre-Opening / Pre-Closing Periods
    • To Assist with Brand Conversions
    • To fill in for a key department manager on temporary leave
    • To facilitate management group transitions


Business Process Analysis and Solutions


The HPS Formula for success in business process analysis is really quite simple. Through our years of experience, the HPS team has observed that the processes many businesses operate under become diluted, misdirected and sometimes completely counter – productive to the original task the process was created for.

HPS's approach is as follows:

  • We identify what key services your business provide your customers
  • We identify how these services are currently being offered.
  • We identify the processes fundamental to the operation.
  • We then dissect that process into is critical stages or elements and determine what steps can be modified and / or eliminated to improve overall efficiency, productivity and ultimately improved service and revenues for your business! 

Sometimes, it takes a fresh set of eyes to identify the simplest problems within an organization. Let HPS be that fresh set of eyes…you might be surprised with the results.

Membership Development Strategies

HPS can assist with the development of growth strategies that are realistic and achievable

HPS will apply its Seven Steps to a Successful Membership Drive

  • Why does the co-op want more new member equity?
  • Involve your staff in the planning of the membership drive
  • Set concrete goals and communicate them to staff and customers
  • Give perks to staff and new members
  • Don't neglect support materials
  • It has to be very easy to join
  • Keep the push on at all times!

HPS has worked with various Convention & Visitor’s Associations as well as State Tourism entities on strategies to capture and retain membership levels with their organizations


Customer Loyalty / Retention Strategies

HPS has supported various hospitality related organizations seeking direction and advice to enhance overall customer experience and value as well as defining retention strategies to assure their customer base is maintained.

Examples of such projects include support for State Tourism Associations, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, and individual businesses and brand related frequent guest programs.

Our techniques are based on past experience and the utilization of proven current and latest trend strategies.



One-on-one relationship between the executive and HPS coach forging a partnership based on trust and understanding

Hotel Feasibility Market Analysis

HPS provides consulting expertise to a variety of clients that include:

  • Prospective hotel ownership groups requesting an analysis of hotels and market conditions.
  • Management Groups that required either interim or ongoing support in evaluating hotels to add to their portfolio of operation.
  • Other related entities such as private companies and city convention centers that are considering the development of a hotel near or attached to their facility.

Hotel Opening / Conversion Expertise


HPS has experience opening and converting hotels globally.  Our team will assist with all of the necessary pre-opening  / conversion activities required to assure this transition is smooth, trouble-free and loss in revenues during this transition are minimized.

Our experience includes openings and conversions of multiple brands that include:  Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Doubletree Hotels, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Holiday Inn, Clarion and Ramada.  We have worked with numerous ownership and management groups globally providing the brand related support they required to launch their hotel.

Countries in which we have opened hotels include:  United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Rumania, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, French Polynesian Islands, Australia, Spain, Czech Republic, Mongolia, U.A.E, Turkey and India.



Pricing strategies and revenue management expertise, business process analysis solutions, enhancement of customer loyalty and retention programs. Proven short- term revenue generation strategies and building new customer accounts with backyard business strategies

Pricing Strategies / Revenue Management

One of the most common opportunities hotel miss is not pricing themselves based on sound and objective pricing strategies. 

Having a clear understanding of how your hotel is both positioned and perceived in the market is critical to an effective pricing strategy.

With over 33 years of hospitality pricing and yield management experience, Stanton Jacobs, founder of HPS offers the expertise of working with hotels in various markets throughout the globe.

Let HPS provide you this assistance today.



International brand management and marketing expertise, development of repositioning strategies, effective business plans

Brand Management (U.S & International)

Practical insights, tools and techniques to improve the performance & productivity of brand management teams:

  • Converting research into powerful customer insight
  • Setting strategy with a competitive edge
  • Developing robust financial & business cases
  • An integrated approach to delivery planning
  • Bench testing the proposition
  • Converting strategy into reality – managing change
  • Assessing operational impact of delivery
  • Winning internal hearts, minds and actions
  • Measurement, control and evaluation

Courses are tailored to the needs of individual clients.

Inspiring and Leading Change

An essential program for managers involved in leading change within their organisation:

  • Identifying the need for change
  • Setting change objectives and milestones
  • Planning and resourcing for change
  • Monitoring and evaluating the change process
  • Developing a language of change
  • Winning hearts & minds: internal communication
  • Leadership skills for change management